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and thank you for visiting this page about me!

I'm Cindy.

Author of the site. I am a home business owner, marketer, and  recovering startup addict.

My story starts with a question.

What do you do when your employer goes out of business?


When your company closes that door and you are once again facing the future of another j o b.. with limited funds and even less time, the motivation kicks in.  Having owned a home based business  before on a part time basis, I made a plan to grow my network marketing company business while blogging.
I took some courses, did some research and put my nose to the grind.

I discovered, it was actually simple! Hard work but simple.

Once I started to learn one method of generating income at a time and add the sources together I realized all it takes is starting. And doing. Just get started with what you do know, then learn, and act on it one step and one day at a time and keep building.

So that is what I am doing.

My sons are all carpenters building houses and patios and porches.  One of them lives next door and shows me photos of his projects.  One day just a floor, then next the wall frame, then before you know it the roof and on to the next project.

I use that as motivation. Houses aren't built in a day and neither is a business. 

Follow me on my journey and you can use my good and avoid the bad ideas and or use my resources as a guide for your own. 


I really enjoy my days in the sunny coastal climate and an office with a window overlooking my Morning glories. #alwaysThankful

Even the thought of another cubicle with artificial lighting and

limited breaks is exhausting.  
Isn't it?

As a young mom I was blessed to be able to stay home and care for my 3 sons while they were young and loved every moment of being a homemaker. It is ultimately rewarding in so many ways.  I like finding my own solutions to bring the comforts of home into every day.  When it was necessary to leave home and work I appreciated this time even more.   

As a single parent I know the extra challenges and to keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities to make extra money while still having the quality home time we all need. My amazing sons have sometimes joined in to help and learn the value of hard work and investment.

As a partial empty nester I am doing exactly what my own mom did and invest some time into developing and positioning myself to better serve others. My mom went back to nursing school to further her degree just as soon as my younger sister graduated high school.  I went to school online, got current training, and then started a new blog all from home! what?!

My grandparents were farmers, my dad owned a mechanic business,  and my sons currently all work together building houses themselves so I realize it's my destiny to just keep following in with the rest of the family.

Pssst! My hobbies are gardening and home remedy studies, my favorite vintage role mom is June Cleaver, and I have a secret passion to retire early self sufficient living in a cottage near the beach.  Well ok, that's really not a secret.  We all love the coastal lifestyle  ... another blog topic?!

I may have been a budding entrepreneur since 5th grade when I created magazines and had bake sales with the neighbors.  My first home business was in high school selling Avon to friends and family.  They all loved ordering from those little catalogs so it was easy.  My mom signed permission for me it was a historical feature of the company for minors to participate.


The last time I was displaced by an employer was over 12 years ago due to a company downsizing.  I always keep watch for ways to grow my income and  I adore MLM so I was fortunate to have found a ground floor direct sales company that I could work full time and build my own business from home. It was perfect.  Our candles were hot sellers and a fun product to share.  It was an overnight success and sadly short lived.  New policies were put in place that caused them to lose credibility and what was growing into a superstar company became very unpopular just as quickly.

This is one example and valuable information to  learn for everyone that Ground floor opportunities are risky.  Part of being a successful entrepreneur is successful risk taking.
I do not regret this experience in the least.  I gained some much needed business knowledge and met like minded people that still years later are in my online business network.  This is one of the aspects of network marketing that forms long term career success. 



With my most current non adventurous cubicle job I made great money and really honed some closing skills while also wearing myself  very thin under the stresses of a failing corporate giant.

Our doors finally closed this year and now is my opportunity to start and grow something new whether I would like to or not.

I am making the most of it. Looking at the #sunnyside  Taking inventory of experience and skills provides clarity.

I should be my own boss!

And that's only the beginning of this story.

Follow me, subscribe to this blog, and see its possible to build a home business from scratch and grow it out with all the affordable and free resources and tools I use or just get some ideas.       

Through the years I have invested and gathered a lot of valuable resources and knowledge so when my last employer finally shut its doors I decided it was time to work smart and diversify my skills to build my business full time.

And here I am making my tracks good and bad public to inspire others and be accountable at the same time and why not share my resources to all that would like to follow along?!

And that is where the story is...

meanwhile... shouldn't you be writing? ...


Cindy Temple

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