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Why Start a Home Business

Start Home Based Business

Starting a home based business is an awesome way to grow your income. And your confidence!

There are so many good reasons to start a business from home and often these are the same reasons that keep us going when challenges come along. 

The following are my top five reasons that remind me daily why I started a home business in the first place.  

Make a similar list of your own! 
Before getting started a list of reasons will help get your purpose clear and what is important to you.      

Reasons to start a home business

1. Being my own boss:   

My corporate job was always a grind watching a boss or several of them looking after their own interest using my effort. My great ideas, and innovations were simply beneath them, or worse, they were implemented as their own.  It truly is a jungle out there.
When you work for yourself, you have the freedom to explore the lucrative options and be creative.  
Being my own boss means I consider my own interest and those I serve.  What works best is where my energy is placed. 

2. Working in my slippers:  

Forget having to sit in a cubicle or desk with no "unauthorized equipment" like a simple foot stool. 
A home based business means I have an office with a window, or the whole patio for that matter!  And wearing pajamas until lunch time is just fine.  
And are optional!

3. Make my own schedule:

Reduce stress by taking breaks when needed. Going from setting an alarm to waking when you are rested is a big deal to me.   
Mornings,.afternoons or nights, or a combo of all three. I can work around family obligations. 

4. Setting goals:  

Instead of an employer setting goals to reach for them, I can work at my own pace.  As I excel in one area or skill, I can concentrate my efforts accordingly.

5. Recognition: 

I am in complete  control of marketing and choosing what methods work for me.  As goals are reached I can make sure to include a reward.  I recognize and celebrate each and every milestone. I work hard and give myself a raise!  

Get your list going!

There are reasons that you can probably come up with quickly. Dig deep and make a plan to list them for future encouragement when you need it.
Setting your own goals and rewards is important.  When you succeed be sure and recognize your efforts with something you like.

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