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Digital Home Business tips

This was originally my new blog introduction post but it ended up more popular than I thought so I created an updated version. :)

NEW BLOG > same terrific marketing ideas.

I kept this post because DigitalFreedomFind site is also about starting and managing a home based business but with an online focus, working from home or anywhere. I use a DIY branding approach and keep it simple.  Now with added resources, community access, and training.

  There are many advantages in running a business online and doing things yourself.  Internet marketing allows you to start on a minimal budget and still be professional.

Some of the obvious advantages include
  • Low expenses  
  • You can work from virtually anywhere   
  • Reach more customers with an online audience 
  • Offers a creative outlet
  • Less travel and commuted time
  • Set your own schedule 

My Home Business - Low investment high in motivation  

I didn't have a lot of money to spend when I got started. What really got me motivated was losing my job as our company closed.  You can read more about how I went from a sales job to home business on the about page.

I also had very little time and needed to get started quickly before my severance ran out.
How is that for intense motivation!?

I use as many freebies as I possibly can while not sacrificing on professionalism. Some investing is going to be necessary in any business startup.  I set an initial startup budget to $100, invested in high value platforms,  and dug in using the skills I already had while building on others as my business grew.

I chose one income producing business model, like affiliate marketing, later adding others like blogging and social selling. All eggs not sitting in one basket.  This is what I would recommend to anyone. Multiple streams flowing in to one generous income. 
Build on what works best for you and your purpose.  

The question is...

It wouldn't be wise decision making without questions.  If you are just starting out, yours may look something like mine:

- Can I build a solid business online?

- Will I really make money working a business from home?

- How do I start if I don't have a lot to spend?

- How do I market my business online in a sea of competition?

These are a few at the top of the list for many of us.

Yes you can build a solid business online and make money right from a laptop on your own time. It does not cost an arm or leg to start and with good marketing and branding strategies you can succeed.

Grow your home based business online

If you  have already started your business you know first hand that you need a workable strategy to build authority and an audience online.  
Branding and marketing do not have to be complicated or expensive. I use a DIY approach that works because first of all I can't afford to hire all the experts. Can you?

And second, doing things (mostly) myself means a chance to be creative. And have some fun!
There are so many helpful resources out there that really can make the difference.

Having access to your own management tools and being able to use them yourself is an awesome and beautiful thing. Knowing where you are going with clarity will build confidence.  Authority and income growth will follow. 

Overcoming Overload

One of the most frustrating things about internet marketing is what I call information UNDER overload.  A boatload of  training programs, platform, opportunities, and etc.. that offer you just enough to leave you hanging on for more.  Or shell out some more money.
This is just the way of the internet.

There are some really good resources though that can save both time and money.  I hope to inspire you and not add to the frustration. 

#Homepreneurs On Purpose

So you could say I am passionate about building a home based business online for the way it helps new entrepreneurs gain confidence and independence.  It provides a means of earning extra or full time income without a huge monetary investment.  And that is refreshing.

It gives moms, students, homesteaders, single parents, and even teens an opportunity to work for themselves.  A simple internet home business works for all those with desire to be the boss without being the bank.
And what a great topic for a  blog!

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